How to choose curtains for new house decoration?

Can't choose curtains for new house decoration? After reading these blackout curtain fabric you will be up!
The beauty of the home is inseparable from the choice of curtains. The curtain occupies a large area in the home, and the frequency of appearance is also high. It can be said that it plays an important role in the impression of a home.

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At the same time, curtains can also protect our home privacy, have the functions of shading, heat insulation, and sound insulation, which affect our sleep comfort.

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After a little understanding, you know that there are many kinds of fabrics for curtains. Different fabrics can create different atmospheres and also have different functions.
So when decorating a new house, which fabric should we choose better? Today, follow the Shengdu to see the common curtain fabrics.

1. Polyester fabric

Advantages: good drape, wrinkle resistance, no shrinkage, strong fabric stability, and light resistance. It is the first choice for most curtains. It is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: moisture absorption and air permeability are weaker; the texture is also slightly worse.

Polyester fabric is more versatile and has good shading properties. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and other places.

2. Flannel fabric

Advantages: good hand feeling, good texture, gorgeous, high-class feeling, strong drape, good sound insulation, sound insulation, and shading effect.

Disadvantages: expensive, heavy, dust-absorbing, and inconvenient to clean.

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The products of flannel fabric look gorgeous, which is more suitable for European style and light luxury style. It is more suitable for the living room, bedroom, and other places.

3. Linen fabric

Advantages: good air permeability, good heat dissipation, simple, natural, strong.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink and deform, poor shading.

Linen cloth is woven by twisted flax threads. The surface is rough and uneven. The texture gives people a simple, natural, and warm feeling. But because the shading is weak, it is not suitable for places with high shading requirements like bedrooms.

4. Cotton and linen fabric

Advantages: The texture of the fabric is slightly thicker, with a natural warm feeling; good drape, and breathability.

Disadvantages: light transmission, lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle.

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Cotton and linen fabric is the most mainstream curtain material. It looks more like linen, but its shading and drape are better than linen. It is more suitable for living rooms, studies, and other spaces that do not require high shading.
If you like the texture of cotton and linen, but also want to shade, then come to Shengdu Soft Pack to buy.

You can choose shading cotton and linen. The front of this fabric is pure cotton and linen texture, the middle is a 3 times black silk shading layer, and the back is very fine nano-level fine lines. The shading is very good, you can choose the shading according to your needs.

blockout curtain fabricThere is also a more popular product called Shading Meteor Ma. The style is simple and versatile, the price is moderate, the colors are diverse, with a shading texture, and the fabric comes with a color yarn texture.